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2025 Axel's Photography Shoot-Out
WINDOW FOR ENTRY: Jan 15-18, 2025

Axel’s Gallery & Frame Shop is excited to once again host the Photography “Shoot-Out.”

This year’s theme is CONTRAST - the juxtaposition of differences. Chosen by Sherry Knudsen, the 2023 Shoot-Out First Prize winner.

Show us your creative and photographic talents by using contrast to convey emotion, mood, drama, messages or stories, or to make your subjects pop. We encourage you to think broadly about differences such as tone, color, texture, concepts and subjects. Think old and new, big and small, light and dark, or most any contrasting elements.


Images may be enhanced, but should not be composites and should authentically portray what the photographer actually saw.


Submission Details: Axel’s is accepting (physical) submissions between January 15 - 18, during business hours. No exceptions will be made for late entries. Axel’s Gallery and Frame Shop is open Wednesday – Friday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm and Saturdays 10:00 – 4:00 pm


Please keep in mind that in addition to how well your entry expresses this year’s theme, it will also be judged on the following:



Emotional Impact/Expressiveness



Exhibition Dates: Wednesday, Jan 20 - Saturday, Feb 15, 2025

Submission Cost: $20 per entry, limited to 2 entries per photographer

First Prize: A solo exhibition at Axel’s Gallery in November 2025 plus more

Second Prize: $200 Axel’s Gift Certificate for picture framing and more

People’s Choice Award (votes by peers): $200 Axel’s Gift Certificate for picture framing and more

Other awards are still being procured!

2024 Axel's Photography Shoot-Out
2024 Axel's Photography Shoot-Out

Image Credits: Sherry Knudsen

Example of Contrast by Sherry Knudsen at Axel's Gallery, Waterbury VT


Abstract Art by Heather Bernek Guptill at Axel's Gallery, Vermont

All the Feels, Naturally

January 4, 2022

Raw, deeply visceral work by Heather Bernek Guptill remind you to just let things happen.


An Immersive Collaboration

February 25 2021 

“Barely Touching” is a collaborative project between Kelly Holt and Susan Calza with one basic premise.


Phoenix Rising

July 22 2020

The Phoenix will rise again! Plans for a 20' "mural" on the side of Axel's Gallery has been approved! 

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