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Connecting our community to the arts is important to us which is why we host artist receptions, musical performances, pop-ups and other fun events year round that are free and open to the public. Come join us!
Meet and Greet: Susan Wilson
Saturday, March 16th 5-7p

Take this opportunity to meet with a veteran artist and hear how she continues to be inspired and what drives her to make art.

"My work in clay has always been about seeking to understand my place in the world.  With clay I explore my secrets, dreams, fears, hopes, and my questions. Using animal and figural images, I tell stories about being alone and together, about yearning for both solitude and connection, about dreaming and waiting, and about hoping for community. " - Susan Willson


Refreshments and snack will be served. All are welcome.

Axel's Annual ART SWAP
May 2024


Love art but feel like you can’t afford it?

Come to the ART SWAP!

One week only: May 9-11, 2024

This is your opportunity to score a second-hand gem at a fraction of it’s worth. This is a great way to add to or kick-start your blossoming art collection! All items will be priced at $200 OR LOWER with many under $100. Plan to get to the Art Swap early as the good work goes fast!


\\ WARNING - the good work goes fast so get here on opening day //


If you have grown tired of a piece of art you own or perhaps were gifted a piece that doesn’t quite suit you, SELL it at the ART SWAP!


The Rules are simple:

  • Maximum 3 submissions per person.

  • Artwork must have been made by someone other than the Seller.

  • Sale Price must be marked at $200 and lower.

  • Artwork must be in good condition. (NO stains, rips, holes, mold or anything broken)

  • Get 100% of sale price in store credit or 75% in cash

Artwork Drop-off Date: May 1-3 between 10pm-6pm, May 4 between 10am-4pm

Artwork Pick-up Date: ONE DAY ONLY - Saturday May 11th between 4pm-6pm


Pre-register details coming soon!

Voices by Susan Wilson at Axel's Gallery, Waterbury VT
Axel's Annual Art Swap
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