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Moments of Joy
by Caroline Tavelli-Abar

June 17 - July 25, 2020

These works share pieces of the artist’s  journey when mental health became a priority and healing necessary. 


To navigate bipolar disorder is at times like flying in a dense night fog. There are few lines to hold onto and the accompanying psychosis and catatonic state created a sometimes terrifying experience few words can express.


To heal from such experiences and to learn to love a new reality is the journey the artist took while creating these images.


Curved lines become anchors in space, an energetic and whimsical way to travel across the page.


Colors like pinks, yellows and intense reds further cement a sense of joyous mystery.


Nature helps heal as well, and the work fills with hints of flitting bird patterns, budding plants, stars, and galaxies; and seasons bring solace as smaller pieces play at intertwining winter, spring and summer.  


The whole express a kind of exuberance; the kind of exuberance one finds after having confronted one’s own mortality, and manages to return from the brink with a renewed commitment to living. 

Caroline Tavelli-Abar is a Swiss American artist, who after several years of travel exploring the United States moved to New York City, and later Vermont to continue exploring her creativity. 

Looking Ahead

Recent Work by Erik Nelson

July 28 - September 05, 2020

More Info to come.

Wood + Metal 2020

September 08 - October 24, 2020

More Info to come.

2020 Photography Shoot-Out

October 27 - November 25, 2020

This year’s theme is shadows – chosen by last year’s Shoot-Out winner, Orah Moore. Entries can be classic in nature where light is the key element. Entries can be black & white, in color, manipulated, layered or part of a mixed media piece – as long as the photograph is the majority element. Don’t go digging around in the shadows of your archives because a rule of this year’s theme is that your entry needs to have been captured or made between reading these rules and the entry deadline, which is Saturday October 17th.


Submit your entry to Axel’s Gallery and win a chance for a solo exhibition in 2021 plus other incredible prizes. Entries will be not only be judged by a small panel of professionals embedded in the art and photography world of Vermont but by your peers (a person who is equal to another in abilities and qualifications!).


For more information on how to enter, including important deadlines and rules, download this document.

Shadows by Orah Moore, Axel's Gallery & Frame Shop Waterbury, VT

Shadows by Orah Moore

Smalls Group Show

November 28 - December 24, 2020

We are closing out the 2020 exhibition season at Axel's Gallery by celebrating the Small in Small Businesses. Small Business Saturday, November 28th, is the opening of this group show and it will run until the holiday closure for Christmas. 

All pieces are 10" x 10" or smaller and priced at or under $100.


Interested in submitting your work for this show? Review this document.

Smalls Group Show at Axel's Gallery & Frame Shop Waterbury, VT
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In between the 3 month long group shows there are month long solo shows-keeping things interesting. Want to show your work? Let's talk!


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