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2019 Annual Photography Shoot-Out
October 29 - November 27, 2019

"For this year’s photo contest, I wanted to choose something both iconic and ubiquitous."

  -Matt Larson, 2018 Shoot-Out Winner

Stop in to CAST YOUR VOTE by Saturday, Nov. 16th!

Winner will be announced at Axel's Gallery Tuesday, Nov 19th at 6:30pm.

A recent report distributed by the U.S. Forest Service suggested a suitable theme. According to Northern Research Station inventories, Vermont forests are home to 3,424 million trees. Our cities, towns, farms, suburbs, and working landscape are home to millions more. 


Sugar maple are most common, followed by red maple, eastern hemlock, American beech, balsam fir, red spruce, eastern white pine, white ash, northern white-cedar, sweet birch, northern red oak and many others. Although we shouldn’t overlook their inherent values, for among other things these trees provide habitat for wildlife; remove carbon dioxide from the air and store it above and below ground, provide temperature regulation and wind protection for our homes, and purify our air, soil, and water, it is hard to view the trees of Vermont without appreciating their strength, grace, and beauty. 


The theme, consequently, is trees of Vermont. They can be native or non-native; in whole or in part; in groups or alone. They may have leaves of color or bare branches holding snow. They may have roots clinging to a rock or have grown so close together they have become one. The entry may be of a seed or nut as it germinates, the twisted trunk of a dead tree, or any stage of life in between.


Although all entries should be photographic in nature, at least in part, and the tree or trees should be the primary focus, other media and processes can be incorporated into your work and non-traditional photographic practices are encouraged. Contest history and rules can be found here.

Photo by Matt Larson at Axel's Gallery Waterbury Vermont

Snow on Evergreens at Stowe Pinnacle by Matt Larson

Looking Ahead



Celebrating the Small: A Group Show
November 30 - December 24, 2019

We are closing out the 2019 exhibition season at Axel's Gallery by celebrating the Small in Small Businesses. Small Business Saturday, November 30th, is the opening of this group show and it will run until the holiday closure for Christmas. 

All pieces are 10" x 10" or smaller and priced at or under $100.

Interest in submitting work for the show? Details for submission can be found here.

A Call to Artists

Gain exposure, sell your work and showcase your talent.

We represent art that intersect the worlds of design, art, and craft. The work demonstrates a high level of craftsmanship and special attential to detail, finish, and presentation.

In between the 3 month long group shows there are month long solo shows-keeping things interesting. Want to show your work? Let's talk!