Currently Showing at Axel's Gallery

Musings from the Nurses Room
Current Work by Heather Guptill

Jan 05 - Feb 05, 2022 

Artist Reception: Thursday, Jan 27, 2022 6-8pm

Working from a small studio, once the Nurses Room, in a converted school in Kittery, Maine, Heather Guptill lets her instincts guide her artwork. The results are raw, deeply visceral, abstract, mostly non-representational, and full of emotion and color.


On view at Axel's are large-scale original acrylic works on ram board - a material choice that supports the artists intention of exploration and spontaneity without the restriction or seriousness of the typical and expected.

“My paintings come from deep within me. Much of my process lacks any formal or conscious decision making. My creation of color and line comes from what feels “right”. It isn’t until I have paused, to really look at my work, that I can reflect in a more formal art-sense on the balance and tension of the painting.  I continue to be amazed at what the subconscious can create.”

Meet the artist and be inspired Thursday, January 27th, 2022 from 6-8pm.

What is Orange, Blue and Green by Heather Guptil.jpg

Upcoming Exhibitions

Natures Images Reimagined
by Paul Haverstick Photography Shoot-Out Winner

Feb 09 - Mar 05, 2022 


Natures Images Reimagined is the subject of a solo show won by the 2021 Photography Shoot-Out competition winner - Paul Haverstick! 

"Through the alteration of photographs of our natural world, I hope to provide a moment of wonder.  The abundant shapes, patterns, textures and lines found in nature can be transformed into something fantastical yet familiar by simply applying a different color, vibrancy, brightness or contrast.  In this exhibit I have used my photographs of the elements stone, water, and plants and reimagined them into a collection of new images—sometimes highlighting subtle elements to elevate nature’s beauty, and other times altering them enough to make you question what the original image was." - Paul Haverstick


April 06 - April 30, 2022 

More information to come!


May 04 - May 07, 2022 

It's back! Mark your calendars - more information coming soon.


May 11 - May 21, 2022 

More information to come!

Recent Work by Kasey Loyer

May 25 - June 18, 2022 

More information to come!


June 22 - July 16, 2022 

More information to come!

Group Show

July 20 - Aug 06, 2022 

More information to come!

Recent Work by Matt Larson

Aug 10 - Sept 03, 2022 

More information to come!

Recent Work by Kate Smith

Sept 07 - Oct 08, 2022 

More information to come!

2022 Annual Photography Shoot-Out

Oct 12 - Oct 22, 2022 

More information to come!

Recent Work by Sam Colt

Oct 26 - Nov 19, 2022 

More information to come!

Celebrating the Smalls - A Group Show

Nov 26 - Dec 24, 2022 

More information to come!

Color Photography Exhibit at Axel's Art Gallery in Waterbury VT

PAST Exhibitions

Celebrating the Small - A Group Show

Nov 24 - Dec 24, 2021

We are closing out the 2021 exhibition season at Axel's Gallery by celebrating the Small in Small Businesses. Small Business Saturday, November 27th, is the grand opening of this group show and it will run until the holiday closure for Christmas. 

All pieces are 10" x 10" or smaller and priced at or under $100.

2021 Photography Shoot-Out

Nov 10 - Nov 20, 2021

It's time to cast your vote!

Stop into Axel's by 5pm on Friday, November 19th to cast your vote for the best entry.

The theme, set by last year’s Shoot-Out winner, Orah Moore, is SHADOWS.

What's at stake? Bragging rights to start, including:

First Prize: A solo Exhibition at Axel's in 2022

Second Prize: $100 Gift Certificate to Axel's

People's Choice: $50 in fine art printing services by Ward Rice

Join us for the winner announcement at 6pm on Friday, Nov 19th, 2021.

Compositions in Wood by Philip Herbison

Sept  29 - Nov 06, 2021

"The reason I make art is to explore the mysterious realm of new aesthetic possibilities with materials at hand. I’ve rarely made art as a means of self expression, but rather more like an inventor of shapes and substance - associations that, when put together in a certain way, becomes an object that is new, yet somehow familiar to the psyche of the viewer. Working with piles of re-cycled wood scraps as a medium brings with it a lot intuitive play. Recognizing happy accidents when they happen leads to discovery of new aesthetic statements."

-Philip Herbison


Shadows by Orah Moore, Axel's Gallery & Frame Shop Waterbury, VT

Shadows by Orah Moore

Comp TX 7x5 .jpg

TX by Philip Herbison

After Irene - The Floodgates Art Project, Revisited

August 18 -  September 25 2021


After Irene – The Floodgates Art Project went on exhibit in 2012, a year after Tropical Storm Irene devastated the Waterbury community. The exhibit was a display of Waterbury’s resilience as a community when faced with tragedy and a testament to the healing power of art.


Spearheaded by Waterbury’s own Sarah-Lee Terrat, Mame McKee and MK Monley, The Floodgates Art Project featured art from community members of all ages and artistic abilities. Over 250 participants contributed artwork to the exhibit making it a one-of-a-kind display showing the ability to overcome adversity through art. 


Please join us in welcoming back After Irene – The Floodgates Art Project, Revisited as Waterbury marks the 10 year anniversary of our recovery as a community from Tropical Storm Irene.


Join us in commemorating a life-changing event on Friday, August 20 from 6-8 pm at Axel’s Gallery, 5 Stowe Street Waterbury. This event is free and open to the public - however MASKS WILL BE REQUIRED.

The Way Light Answers
Cold Wax and Oil work by Jan Sandman

July 07 -  August 14 2021


The paintings in this show, cold wax and oil, have primarily been created during the time of the pandemic. Many of them have been created with the discipline of a limited palette. As we have been held in certain ways during this past year, Jan utilized that restraint by limiting her choice of colors to both deepen her relationship with them, and with what is possible within a boundary. In relationship to deep questions, Jan consults and meditates with the vibration of Light itself. The theme of the whole body of work is “The Way Light Answers”.


Jan paints in relationship to an inner question most frequently about the state of something she is perceiving in the collective and universal realms. She paints connected with something she is in a meditative prayer with.


As light is vibration, Jan Sandman's paintings extend into a world where she is capturing the answer of the light offering itself in response to her  inner meditation or prayer. It is a conversation.


As such, sometimes the paintings are landscapes, sometimes more abstract depending on the dimension of where the answer lies.

An artist reception is planned for Friday, July 9th from 6-8pm. This event is free and open to the public - please join us!

Breathng Light by Jan Sandman at Axel's Gallery

Breathing Light by Jan Sandman

Work and Play, Round and Round
An exhibition of paintings by Kathy Black

May 26 -  July 03 2021


Axel’s Gallery & Frame Shop continues its 2021 spring exhibition schedule presenting paintings by Kathy Black. In a year of so much change, this exhibition of paintings looks at changing lives and our changing place in the world. In a circle of generations, mothers and daughters working, and playing, what experiences span across generations and what has really changed. “It can be hard to know. These questions are my source of contemplation,” says Kathy Black. “How can we depict female power? Can we think about it without crashing into expectations of motherhood and femininity? In an ever expanding universe, what are the things that matter?”


“Consuming the Goddess” paintings were inspired by a horoscope encouraging self-empowerment, ”seek the goddess, embrace the goddess, consume the goddess.” These reimagined women from art history are ready to consume an object of love. A woman devouring her beloved is horrifying if it is a child and perplexing if it is a pet or plant. Cartoon anatomy merges the actor and the object of devotion in a loving way but is the act of consuming your child or your pet terrible and without room to be a metaphor for seeking or desire? Do our expectations of women always conflict with a sense of appetite, or can desire also be empowerment?


In other paintings, play is a pleasurable exploration. Maps help us see the scope of the universe. Toys on a star map change the scale and shrink the universe. The toys grow, too, so the circle of the heavens becomes a pond or the image of the earth, an island. Finger puppets on a galaxy make room for wondering about our size and significance relative to the breadth of what is out there.


“This exhibit is a selection of work from my exploration of women at different points in life, in work and in play, imagining what’s possible, trying to name what has changed. It also looks at how I, we, use play to look at the world and think about our place in it,” says Black. It’s an investigation that may bring to life the monumental generational shifts and the odd, the ordinary and the surprising connections over time.

Consuming the Goddess by Kathy Black at Axel's Gallery

Consuming the Goddess by Kathy Black

Small Works at Small Prices
by Axel Stohlberg

April 07 -  May 15 2021

Our namesake of the gallery, Axel Stohlberg, is looking to move his inventory of work and is offering major discounts on original works of art.

This show is a mix of collage, paintings and drawings of abstract landscapes. Some are framed but many are merely mounted and matted - ready to be framed. 

Axel Stohlberg Original Art
Blue by Kate Fetherston

Rarest color in flora and fauna, once in a blue moon is an occasion of omen or of celebration. Blue skies, blue waters foster feelings of hope, freedom, possibility. Happiness is symbolized as a bluebird. Then again, a blue mood might be sad, lonely, wistful or pensive. Blue’s the color of shadows, of twilight, of changing light. This show is an homage to blue’s power to evoke a range of expression perhaps unequaled in the rainbow. 

The Artist Statement can be found here.

36” x 48” Elysium by Kate Fetherston at Axel's Gallery, Waterbury VT

"Elysium" by Kate Fetherston

"Barely Touching"

“Barely Touching” is a collaborative project between Kelly Holt and Susan Calza with one basic premise: the work reflects their personal reactions to the societal challenges that erupted during the year 2020. While video is a main component of the exhibition, the show also features scultpture and mixed media pieces. The work addresses a deep sense of longing and the tension between connection and disconnection in relationship, ie. human, environmental and societal.

Kelly Holt’s work references distance and the ethereal and Susan Calza’s video tends to be close up and visceral while her sculptures are multilayered and specifically address issues of race. 


Their work seems to leave us asking: “Where are we headed?” 


“Barely Touching” is also an ongoing collaborative community project. The artists are asking community members to tell their 2020 stories which will be filmed and included in a video narrative. The completed video documentary will be exhibited at Axel’s Gallery in the fall of 2021.

KHolt - Barely Touching 13.jpg

"Barely Touching 13" by Kelly Holt

A Call to Artists

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