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CURRENT Exhibition

A group show of artwork and objects by Axel’s staff members (Kristen Santucci, Kate Montross, Steve Simoes)

May 15 - June 22, 2024

It is the nature of the job at Axel’s to be around creative people and art every single day. This exposure helps fuel creative exploration. So does seeing and processing, thinking and organizing, feeling and sensing, growing and expanding. We are constantly exploring our environment and our surroundings. The artwork and objects of “Explorations” have been created by Kristen Santucci, Kate Montross and Steve Simoes.


Kristin Santucci moved from Clearwater Florida to Montpelier Vermont in 2022. She has been painting for over 30 years. Kristin has enjoyed driving around Vermont and exploring the landscapes and her new home in this beautiful state. Her paintings reflect the varied seasons of the Vermont landscape. Moving here from Florida, Kristin loves when it snows in Vermont and enjoys capturing the essence of a snowy winter day.


Kate Montross grew up in Vermont and has lived in this community all her life. She is an artistic dabbler. Kate really enjoys diving into whatever artistic medium she feels like exploring further. Trained as a metalsmith and jeweler, she also loves spending her time sewing, knitting, and drawing. Kate approaches things with a beginners mind but likes to learn all she can when she is diving into a new medium or technique. Using simple three dimensional shapes and forms, she is exploring the translation of those forms into two dimensions.


Steve Simoes is always looking for the “diamonds in the rough.” He peruses area estate and yard sales spending $20 or less on wood furniture that he then gives a new life. Steve finds great satisfaction in revealing the beauty of wood and keeping perfectly good things out of our landfills.


The artists have left a wall in the gallery open to share with the creative play of our community. They invite you to explore your own creative expression by picking up an art board from Axel’s and without judgment, play and then display or exchange your art board by the end of the exhibition.



An opening reception is planned for Friday May 17th at 6:30pm. This event is free and open to the public. This is a great opportunity to meet the artists and employees of Axel’s Gallery & Frame Shop.


"Winter Calm" Landscape Painting by Kristen Santucci

"Winter Calm" by Kristen Santucci

Pastel Painting by Kate Montross

"Coastal Shore" by Kate Montross


Bowl Refinished by Steve Simoes 

UPCOMING Exhibitions

Chasing a Feeling
Recent work by Rob Hitzig

Jun 26 - Aug 3 2024

More info to come soon.



Aug 7 - Sep 14 2024


You know their mugs, bowls, platters and such but did you know they also make artistic, decorative work too?

This group exhibition highlights the little known side of the ceramicist you love.

Artists highlighted include Jeremy Ayers and Kate Butt.


Sculptural Lighting by Benjamin Cheney

Oct 30 - Nov 23 2024

More info to come soon.


Celebrate the Smalls

Nov 30 - Dec 24 2024

More info to come soon.


Painting on Wood by Rob Hitzig at Axel's Gallery, Waterbury VT

Raining On The Moon by Rob Hitzig

acrylic, shellac, and gesso on birch panel

 29.5” x 28” 


Sculptural Lighting by Ben Cheney at Axel's Gallery, VT

Sculptural Lighting by Ben Cheney

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