Whitney Aldrich, Owner of Axel's Frame Shop & Gallery, Watebury VT

Whitney Aldrich, Owner

Whitney is a graduate of Fine Arts from the University of Cincinnati's Design, Art, Architecture, & Planning (DAAP) program. Her personal work is a mix of ceramics and assemblage. In 2013, she purchased Axel's Frame Shop & Gallery as a way to bring an art gallery to Waterbury while still supporting the custom framing service. Before this, Whitney spent the previous 10 years as a graphic designer (freelance and in-house) with an interest in marketing. This solid foundation of fine art, color, composition, and more, creates a uniquely qualified partner in your quest to custom picture framing! Whitney's favorite framing projects are complex and usually involve objects.

Leigh-Ann, framer at Axel's Frame Shop & Gallery, Watebury VT

Leigh-Ann Ravelin, Framer

Leigh-Ann swears that in her next life, she’ll be an artist. While she didn’t study Art History or Studio Arts in college, she certainly appreciates being around the art within Axel’s. Leigh-Ann builds your custom frames and lovingly fits your precious piece within it. Her resourceful thinking and strong compassion makes her a hard working and valuable member of our team. Leigh-Ann joined Axel’s in October 2018. 


Kate Montross, Framer

She is an avid hiker who has climbed all of the high peaks of the Adirondacks, White Mountains and the Greens. When she’s not hiking, she’ll be curled up with a good book and a cup of tea. And maybe she’ll whip up a knitted scarf or two in between. Kate has a deep history with making, especially with fabrics which makes her our resident expert in all things fabric.

She is our diplomat. Patient. Detailed. Thorough. Making her an amazing steward of your cherished possessions. Kate is a local, through and through. She was born here, went to UVM and is now helping to prop up a tiny art gallery and frame shop in your neighborhood.


Donna Waterman, Designer

While most of her adult life has been focused on agriculture (she even worked  for a stint at a rooftop farm in Brooklyn!) she has pivoted her career back to focus on the world of art. She has recently been contracted to carve and stamp original designs for a Vermont winemaker and Slow Food USA. When it comes to picture framing, Donna is a natural designer. She takes cues from color and subject matter to offer suggestions that support the art rather than dominate it. Her patience is unwavering and she is genuinely eager to learn the history of the piece she is helping to frame.


She loves dogs and is head over heels in love with her new niece, Lou.

She stamps and dyes fabric while belting out diva tunes that she knows the lyrics by heart (which is all of them). She can grow beets, draw beets, print beets and now she can frame ‘em too.

Axel Stohlberg, Former Owner of Axel's Frame Shop & Gallery, Watebury VT

Axel Stohlberg, Namesake

Axel Stohlberg started Axel's Frame Shop & Gallery in 1983. While he may have retired in 2013 to focus on his own artwork and to live life to it's fullest, you will occasionally see him at events and helping out in a pinch. Axel is one of our biggest supporters and we couldn't do all this without him. His legacy and spirit will long live and we are proud to carry his name for years to come. See his recent work and stay in touch by contacting him through his website.