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Art Installation at Axel's Frame Shop & Gallery, Watebury VT

Art sets a mood, inspires perspective, and reflects your personal aesthetic. Art brings the opportunity to elevate the unique experience of being in your home or business. It gives you a chance to express yourself, embody your values, and make people comfortable in your space - ultimately reflecting the intention and integrity of their surroundings.

Art has purpose – and it’s also fun! Purchasing art supports people in our community while telling your story. With Axel’s experience and eye for style, our professional services will help you discover and display your unique visual story, from inspiration to installation. Join us for an enjoyable and engaging journey and spend your time effectively, shaping your space, through art.

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Whitney Aldrich, Owner of Axel's Frame Shop & Gallery, Watebury VT

Axel’s is a full-service frame shop, art gallery, event center and artisan gift shop that is well-established in Central Vermont. Owner and Curator Whitney Aldrich is a local leader with decades of experience and sharp intuition who is uniquely positioned to create connections between the Vermont art scene, and Vermont’s homeowners and businesses. Whitney holds a degree in Fine Art from University of Cincinnati's Design, Art, Architecture, & Planning Program.

Whitney and her team will assist you in your search for the perfect match for your needs and space. We have established relationships with many artists and are intimately familiar with the styles of Vermont’s icons as well as emerging talent. The world of possibility is as vast as Vermonters’ creative talents. Let’s begin!

Our Process

Art Curating at Axel's Frame Shop & Gallery, Watebury VT

Offering comprehensive consulting services, Axel’s helps you shape your space from inspiration to installation. The five phases of our process include the following.

  • Discovery: A free, one-time consultation to uncover your needs, goals, style and inspiration.

  • Exploration: A digital lookbook is used to inspire a visual vocabulary of style desire. This lookbook will evolve to discover personal preferences and highlight our recommendations for styling your space.

  • Selection: A proposal that summarizes art selections, pricing and placement, for your review and approval. Virtual visualization tools can be utilized to see the relationship of the piece to your particular space.

  • Artist engagement: Create relationships on your behalf with established and new artists in order to buy or commission pieces for your collection. This might include a visit to an artist studio.

  • Installation: Place the art on your walls with a guarantee that it is solid and safe. Pieces will be fitted with security hardware as necessary.

Timing & Pricing

Depending upon the complexity of space, quantity and availability of pieces and other personalized needs, the process could take just a few days.


Pricing is based on an hourly rate of $60/hr. The time to source a single piece of artwork compared to a collection is different and so are the individual needs of our clients. Once the Discovery phase of the process has been completed, a clearer idea of time needs will present itself and will be reviewed before moving further along in the process.

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Please note that our service includes a 10% discount on framing at Axel’s Frame Shop.